One Year Intensive in Islamic Studies

    The 1-Year Intensive in Islamic Studies is a ground-breaking degree for those who seek to establish a firm foundation in Islamic Sciences as a student of knowledge in the traditional sense.

    The curriculum offered to Associates students comes from Madina Institute’s dedication to preparing specialists in Islamic Jurisprudence & its Foundations, Qur’anic & Sunnah Sciences through examining contemporary dynamics, and ways in which our vast tradition deals with modernity & contemporary issues.

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    Intensive Arabic Language Study Program

    Madina Institute USA is proud to announce that registration for our Arabic Intensive program is now open to the public! You may apply separately to attend the Arabic language intensive and upon your successful completion, receive a Certificate of Intensive Arabic Language Study. Our Arabic Intensive includes 19-hours per week

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    Emotional Intelligence

    Madina Institute USA is proud to announce that, in conjunction with the Madina Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies, our Associate of Arts in Islamic Studies now includes required coursework in Emotional Intelligence. Our inaugural course is Introduction to Applied Emotional Intelligence and registration is open to the public.What is

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    One-Year Islamic Studies Degree Program 2016-2017

    One-Year Foundational Program in Islamic Studies / Usul-Ud-Din Intensive 2016-2017 year begins SEPTEMBER 19, 2016   Our second One-Year Program in Islamic Studies / Usul-Ud-Din Intensive Program begins September 19, 2016 insha’ Allah! 2016-2017 APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN – Apply Here! This program is one of the first of its kind in the U.S. and will focuses on the

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    PTSD: Effects of terroristic events globally on mental health of youth locally

    Join AMHP-ATLANTA as they host a free panel discussion of the effects of terroristic events globally on mental health of youth locally. The average youth is being effected by heinous crimes across the globe every day. Do you recognize the potential signs and symptoms that the youth of your community