One Year Intensive in Islamic Studies

    The 1-Year Intensive in Islamic Studies is a ground-breaking degree for those who seek to establish a firm foundation in Islamic Sciences as a student of knowledge in the traditional sense.

    The curriculum offered to Associates students comes from Madina Institute’s dedication to preparing specialists in Islamic Jurisprudence & its Foundations, Qur’anic & Sunnah Sciences through examining contemporary dynamics, and ways in which our vast tradition deals with modernity & contemporary issues.

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Latest News

  • apps-now-open-2017

    Now Accepting Applications: 2017-2018 1-Year Intensive in Islamic Studies Program

    We’re very excited to announce the third year running of Madina Institute USA’s One-Year Intensive in Islamic Studies (Associates Degree) Program.  Applications are now open! This revolutionary program has been carefully designed to offer students a comprehensive foundation in the main sciences of Islamic knowledge, as well as some practical

  • Student Blog Mosaic2

    Life@Madina: Student Blog

    Madina Institute U.S.A class of 2017 is in session and their blog, Life@Madina is now up! For the next couple of weeks the students will be posting their introductory videos InshaAllah. Please click below to watch part 1 of the videos.

  • 14915215_1015540411890545_4427641614286898969_n

    The Final Destination: The Journey of Death

    Madina Institute is hosting a year-long series of candid discussions about our journey through each of life’s phases. While discussions of this nature normally begin with life, we are beginning the series with a reflection on death – The Beginning of the End, which will help you understand three things:

  • 14691157_1025090884268680_6163902600255626140_o

    Historic MOU between Madina Institute and the Islamic University in Malaysia

    GREAT NEWS from MALAYSIA. Just NOW: our teacher Sayyidi Dr. Muhammad bin Yahya al-Ninowy is officially signing a historical full mutual accreditation MOU between Madina Institute and the Islamic University in Malaysia today. The MOU is for the BA, MA, MDiv, and PhD programs in Usul-u-Din. The Shaykh is also